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Product ID: 1342165 | Mfg Part #: LJP-RE-SCI-BX-12
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Student, Faculty, Staff

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Lojack Student Edition 1yr Subscription Box

Computrace® LoJack® for Laptops by Absolute® Software is a software-based theft recovery service. It tracks, locates, and recovers stolen computers while providing you with the ability to protect your personal information from identity theft.

Theft Recovery
In the event of theft, contact us (http://www.absolute.com/support/report-theft). The next time your computer connects to the internet, the Absolute Theft Recovery Team will forensically mine it to determine who has your computer. Then we will work closely with local law enforcement to recover and return your property to you.

Data & Device Security
If your computer is lost or stolen, our Data Delete service can be used to remotely delete all of your personal and sensitive files from the hard drive. Everything an identity thief would need to steal your identity.

$1000 Service Guarantee
If we are unable to recover your stolen computer or complete the Data Delete service, you could be eligible for a Service Guarantee payment of up to $1000. Conditions apply so please read our service agreement.

This product is for students, faculty and staff personal computer protection.